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Nadra Card Centre Is Your Solution To All Nadra Card Problems!

No Queues, No Hassle Of Form Filling, Simple Steps and Card Delivery To Our Home! So Why Wait? Apply Now with Nadra Card Centre!

Nadra Card Centre is an online service provider for the Nadra Cards. It is famous for its excellent customer services for providing Nadra Pakistan Identity cards, passports, FRC, POC and many other services.

From organizing your required documents to filling the long critical forms, it has got everything under control.At Nadra Card Centre you only have to contact the agents through Telegram and rest is handled by them.

The trained agents of Nadra Card centre will assists you once you contact them. You will be asked to submit some documents according to the requirement of the type of service you want. Once the documents are submitted and approved, your form will be filled.

The forms are then sent to you for verification. After you have verified the forms the application is finally sent to the Nadra Head quarter.Once your application is submitted to the Nadra Head Office, you will be provided with a Nadra Card Tracking Number, you can easily use that to track the status of your Nadra Card.

At Nadra Head quarter, your application is processed and you receive your card within the set amount of time.With multiple steps of verifying and authenticating the documents and application forms, Nadra Card centre totally minimizes the chances of application rejection.



FRC is the family registration certificate that shows the family composition of the applicants’ families. All the registered family members (by birth or by marriage) are shown on this certificate. There are two categories of FRC:

  1. With parents and siblings (by birth)
  2. With spouse and children (by marriage)

The family members that do not possess the national identity card number will not be included or shown in the Family registration certificate.



You can easily track the status of your Nadra card once it has been submitted to the Nadra office. Agents at Nadra Card Centre UK will provide you with a tracking id which you can use on the main Nadra website to track your card.

All you have to do is visit the Nadra Official Website ____ and use the tracking id given by Nadra card centre agent to look at your Nadra card status.

Nadra card centre is an external service provider that assists you with all your Nadra dealings. The services provided by Nadra are a hundred percent genuine and authentic. Its agents are ready to help you 24/7. The impeccable service provided by Nadra Card centre is commendable and it lets you relax in the comfort of your homes and also delivers you your cards at home.

You do not have to visit the embassy again and again, or fill forms and do corrections frequently, or deal with issues related to card rejection, you simply can get your work done without any worries and while sitting in the comfort of your homes!

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